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Main Event for Wounded Soldiers and Their Families,      All Soldiers Welcome

Wheelers For The Wounded – Texas (WFTW-Texas) Main Event is an event put on expressly for wounded service members, from conflicts past and present, and their families. Supported by the off-road community in Texas, the backbone of WFTW-Texas, our heroes are afforded the opportunity to get out of their barracks and hospital rooms for a day of fun and adventure in the beautiful setting of the hill country of Texas. Our honored guests are treated to great food, activities and entertainment for all ages as well as the opportunity to ride is some of the biggest and baddest off-road vehicles in the world, on trails from mild to wild, guaranteed to provide enjoyment for children of all ages or thrill even the most battle hardened warrior. Go to our Past Events section and see for yourself.

Wheelers For The Wounded (WFTW) had its very first event in Florida in early 2009. The WFTW-Texas event followed later that spring and turned out to be one of the largest and best events of the program. Although the program has had some ups and downs WFTW-SA has only grown bigger and better every year. In 2010, WFTW-Texas became a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

We are staffed by volunteers and supported by the generosity of the off-road community of Texas, who supply their vehicles, gas and time to this great cause. This event is also made possible by the many sponsors who have contributed to this great cause.

WFTW – Texas is a non-political organization. We do not support any political party and are neither for nor against past or present conflicts. We exist solely to express our thanks and gratitude to those service members, past and present, who volunteered to serve and have sacrificed so much for our country.

What’s being said about Wheelers For The Wounded – Texas?

SPC Curtis Hunter: “I get down on myself a lot because… I’m injured and I feel like I can’t do a lot of things and when I come out to events like this I can see… that with a little help the sky’s the limit.”
“We really do appreciate everything everybody has done for us. I mean… We don’t really
… I mean what we did was just a job. In a lot of ways I don’t feel we deserve it.”

SGT Shanna Rice: “To see everybody out here supporting us and showing their appreciation is just… it’s just so much worth it.”

Andwele Lamar: “It just takes you out when you’re fighting depression and all that other stuff and everything that goes along after being wounded and going to war. Once you start doing events like this you just forget about all that and you just have fun for the day and that’s what its about.”
“Everybody is saying ‘thank you, thank you, thank you” but to tell you the truth, we are thanking yall, because without yall we wouldn’t be able to have the opportunity to do things like this.”

Jeff Sellers: “This is probably the most meaningful thing we do here all year.”

Jim Hatfiled: “What went on this weekend… It was an incredible experience. By far the big highlight of my life.”

Lynn: “Wow, best of memories, there are so many, but most of all spending time and meeting our best of hero’s with my family.”
“One soldier told me she had brought her daughter for a weekend of fun before she had to ship out to Iraq on the following Monday morning.”

Delta: “A young mother of 4 and her husband had come for the weekend and she apologized for crying, but it was the first time that the family had been anywhere just to have fun. Their outings consisted of trips back and forth to the hospital while her husband went through therapy.”

What Can I do?

Shake the hand of a Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine, past or present. That is what this is all about, showing our respect and appreciation for the job they have done.

Donate to Wheelers For The Wounded – Texas or another similar organization. While Wheelers For The Wounded would like your support, there are many good organizations that support our service members and could use your support. We feel the important thing is to do is to support our past and present service members.

Support our sponsors and let them know that you appreciate what they have done for WFTW-TX. While all of our sponsors have supported our program from the kindness of their heart, a word of thanks from a grateful customer goes a long way to ensure the support is continued.

Volunteer for to Wheelers For The Wounded – Texas or another similar organization. Our volunteers put in a lot of hard work throughout the year to support and promote this event and other projects, such a Christmas Toy Drive for the children of wounded warriors at BAMC, Ft. Hood and elsewhere in Texas and participating in events held by other support originations such as the Purple Heart Association. If you are serious about volunteering your time and effort for a great cause, contact one of our committee members.

Become a sponsor if you own or run a business. It’s a decision you will not regret!