Wheelers For The Wounded – Texas is for Families Too.

While our name is Wheelers For The WOUNDED, our event in Texas has always been about FAMILY. From the very first we have included activities beyond just the trail rides so everyone has a wonderful fun filled day. We can’t forget that every one of these brave men and women has family and that through the veterans ordeal they have all had issues that they have to deal with. It is not always easy for anyone involved. So for us it is great to hear success stories not only from our veterans but their families as well. The following is from a spouse of one of our warriors.

In May my husband found this organization via Facebook. He asked if we could drive the 4 hours to a function that I knew nothing about nor ever heard of. I resisted as life has thrown our family tragedy after tragedy for the past year. We were both emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted. After I really thought about the name “Wheelers for the Wounded” I thought deeply how this may mean something to my husband who is a disabled Marine. I say disabled but he is the strongest man I know. I researched a little the next morning which is actually the morning of the event. We drove to Hidden Falls just outside of Austin from Santa Fe, TX. When we arrived we were greeted with such warmth, appreciation and like we were family. From this moment I feel we were both in such awe of the atmosphere this organization creates. It was by far the best organization we’ve had the privilege to become a part of. We both volunteer both time and money to so many in need. This organization not only fulfilled both of those needs they also just sat back and listened to the stories of each veteran, family member, friends, and the Wheelers. They offered a shoulder to lean on when you feel you can’t hold yourself up. That’s it….we were accepted, welcomed and hooked. When the next event came up in Mason at Wolf Caves, there was no hesitation to step forward to help wherever we were able. We have truly found a home with family and friends. Those that volunteer for this and every other worthy cause, don’t ever think your countless hours on no sleep and generosity go unnoticed or unappreciated. You all have made a difference in my world. You will not find a more organized and giving group of people than this one. I just wish I could do more but for now….I’m just here telling everyone who is lost there are people who truly care.


Jerry Sargent
President, WFTW – Texas